The Legacy of Colonialism

Coffee, smartphone, prosperity. To this day, we benefit from an era that shaped our planet for 500 years. Colonialism, the age of exploiters and masters, destroyed countries, humiliated and killed people - and it enriched the European powers to an extent that we are hardly aware of today. Not only money has flowed from the colonies.

The oppressed countries and peoples changed our knowledge, our culture, our food, our communication, our way of life. Colonialism was the first step towards globalization. And it is far from being a thing of the past. To this day, we profiteers live at the expense of others.

The documentary series tells the colonial story in full for the first time. Not nationally, but internationally. As a history of the colonized countries and the colonial powers. As a history of our planet that continues to this day.

In Arbeit

5 x 52 min